Thursday, 4 June 2015

How To Get Auto Loan With No Credit History?

Having no credit score is quite similar to having bad credit score while it comes to opt for auto financing. Often a number of borrowers consider that they will have a high credit score in case they never missed any payment or never defaulted on any loan. So, the credit score works as a measure of loads of factors combined, including the total debt volume paid off in the past and the length of credit history. While you will have no significant record of installment loans and not just the credit cards, you would find out that your score is too low than the majority of the car lenders.

So, getting an instant qualification for the auto loan with no credit history can be really challenging in case you consider undertaking the entire process by your own. It is actually true that most of the auto loan dealers don’t trust the applicants financially, who start with a zero credit score as this can be really risky for the lenders. So, to safeguard the financial interests, the majority of the lenders consider a few factors while it comes to the car loan with no credit history.

  • Monthly income: To assess the loan borrower’s ability to repay the car loan, the majority of the lenders like to know whether the loan borrower has any monthly income record or not. This means, if you are planning to consider the guaranteed car loans with bad credit, then you must have at least a part-time job with a certain amount of salary.
  • Interest rates: The interest rate of this type of auto loan is much higher than the rate offered on the car loans for good credit. It is because, in this type of loan, the lenders, mostly try to compensate the risk of lending by raising the interest rates.
  • Car repossession: Dealerships that offer special finance auto loan solutions, might include a clause in the loan agreement, which permits them to repossess the vehicle in case of payment default.
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